If you’re trying to sell your home, then you’ve no doubt heard from multiple sources that de-cluttering your house is the number one tip. Not only does removing half of your items make your home appear more spacious, but it also removes a lot of the personalization that prevents buyers from seeing themselves living there.

Many people find that investing in a storage unit just makes life easier while trying to sell a house in St. Louis. It provides a space to place all your belongings so that when you do sell and move on, you can bring those things back out and enjoy them in your new home. But before you jump in and rent a unit, it’s wise to do a little homework.

First, ask about security measures at the facility. Do they have a locked gate that is closed at night or an electronic access system? Is the area monitored by video surveillance? With the growth of these storage areas, burglaries have also increased, so use common sense. Pack valuables in the back of the unit, and if allowed, use a lock that is resistant to bolt-cutters.

Next, consider whether you may need a climate-controlled unit. Things like antiques, photos, wood, electronics, and musical instruments don’t survive temperature extremes very well. The heat and humidity in the summer and frigid temperatures in the winter can cause these valuables to deteriorate and be ruined.

Ask for a tour of the facility. Look in an empty unit to see if it is kept clean. Look for trash, rodent droppings, and other signs that might show cleanliness is not a priority for the storage company.

Lastly, contact your insurance agent to make sure you have coverage for items in a storage facility. Many times they are included in a homeowners policy, but you’ll want to confirm that with your agent. When trying to sell a home in St. Louis, if you find you have extremely valuable items such as artwork, jewelry, collectibles, or other pieces of high value, ask about a separate policy for these belongings.

Self-storage facilities are helpful and convenient, but if you plan on renting one, make sure you ask questions and consider your needs to make sure your belongings look just as good coming out as they do going in. For more tips on steps you can take to sell your house, contact us.