When it comes to house hunting, the goal is to not only buy a home in St. Louis you appreciate for its charm and character, but one that also appreciates in value. An experienced St. Louis realtor can help you weed out the listings that are in undesirable areas or are not likely to appreciate due to a variety of factors. According to a piece by TourWizard, there are certain questions to ask your Realtor that will bring greater clarity to the house-hunting search in St. Louis. Homebuyers in St. Louis and around the country have an upper hand in the New Year as experts say it’s shifting from a seller’s to a buyer’s market. More inventory will mean more choices.

Make Notes on Each Property

In order to end up with a home you appreciate, be meticulous and organized. Keep a folder on the properties that you like with the fact sheet and photos as well as notes. Compare your notes to your list of priorities that you need in a home.

Don’t Neglect the Home Inspection

In a buyer’s market, it’s easier to ask the seller to have any problems fixed that the inspector discovered. Make sure the roof is in good condition and that the home doesn’t have any hidden mold or mildew.

Meet Your Neighbors

Before buying a home in St. Louis, don’t just drive around the neighborhood. Walk around and talk to a few of the neighbors at the playground or inside a clubhouse for residents. Pay close attention to the curb appeal of other homes, not just the one you are considering buying. Visit the home on the weekend and during evening hours, not just during a weekday when children are in school and adults are at work.

Consider a Mild Fixer Upper

While you don’t want to buy a fixer upper that’s a money pit, there are some advantages of landing a mild fixer upper that just needs a fresh coat of paint or new carpet. As long as the air-conditioning, roof, plumbing and electrical or “bones” of the home have no problems, you can always re-decorate. Your home will appreciate in value more quickly if you don’t have to put as much money into costly renovations and repairs.

When you are ready to buy a home in St. Louis, make sure you choose a neighborhood that offers everything you want. An experienced St. Louis Realtor will find you the perfect home before the home is even listed. At Waters & Associates Realty, we take the time to take our clients on many house tours. For more house hunting secrets, please contact us.